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2021 Day school and quiz (on News page, May - July 2021):

We were very pleased that nearly 60 dancers joined our virtual day school on 20 February. Our special thanks to Alice Stainer and Fiona Mackie who devised and presented classes which worked very effectively online, as apparent from the many appreciative messages we received. Thanks also to branch members Lesley and Magnus for providing entertaining (and sometime challenging) quiz questions for our evening social, joined by about 30 people. See the Events page for our plans for the 2022 day school.

Alice's Step Classes News page June - September 2021)

Alice, one of our teachers, is currently delivering a series of beginners' step classes online. This solo form of Scottish dance provides a great way of continuing to dance in lockdown times because you can do it at home and you don't need a partner or a set. 


To find out more about Alice's step class, contact us by email and we will send more information and the link for the fortnightly classes on Thursday evenings. These will continue until the end of August at least, and you can catch up by watching recordings of the classes.

Dancing at Summertown (News page August - September 2021):


We are very pleased to announce that dancing and classes at Summertown are starting again, with live music on three evenings in September.  These will be social dancing evenings, from 8 - 10pm.  Ian Muir will play for us on 2nd Sept, Chris Oxtoby on 16th Sept and Ian Robertson on 30th Sept.  The usual timetable of classes (details on Classes page) will resume on 7th October.  Dances for our Ball programme in October (see Events page) will be included in September and October sessions. The health and safety of our dancers and teachers is our priority and we are continually monitoring government and RSCDS guidelines in our planning.

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